2020 Calendar

  • Rd 1 - Sydney M/Sport Pk, NSW - Mar 27-29
  • Rd 2 - Winton Raceway, VIC - June 5-7
  • Rd 3 - Morgan Park, QLD -July 3-5
  • Rd 4 - Phillip Island, VIC - Aug 21-23
  • Rd 5 - The Bend M/Sport Park, SA - Sep 18-20


Kumho Tyre V8 Touring Cars Technical Information

The information below is a summary of some of the Series technical matters. The official Technical Regulations contain considerably more detail.

The Kumho Tyre V8 Touring Car Series Sporting and Technical Regulations contain the essential information to take part in the 2020 Kumho V8 Series.

The current Sporting Regulations and Technical Regulations are available below and on the CAMS Website www.cams.com.au.

We have also produced this ‘2020 Category Information' document to provide any additional information and to answer frequently asked questions.

2020 Kumho V8 Touring Car Series Sporting & Technical Regulations

Eligible models

Eligible models are: Ford Falcon EB to FG. Holden Commodore VP to VE2.

Only Falcon and Commodore vehicles that have a registered history with AVESCO/VESA will be recognised. Documentation must be provided to establish a clear line of history for each vehicle. No new vehicles may be constructed for the Series.

The category is subject to strict technical requirements. Frank Lowndes is the appointed Technical Consultant to oversee the compliance of the Technical Regulations, and John Mahncke is the category appointed Scrutineer to ensure that the cars are as they should be.

As the cars are former V8 Supercars, the Technical Regulations are based on their respective V8 Supercar requirements.


The Kumho V8 Series Technical Regulations have close similarities to the existing Supercar regulations as they are essentially the same vehicle. They also relate directly to the homologation details of your car model, so it is important to make sure that you have the correct documentation (which should be with the car).

V8 Touring Car Category Status/Logbooks

CAMS have advised the following;

  • Cars have a CAMS category classification of V8 Touring Car.
  • A car will only be recognised as a V8 Touring Car if it has a proven history as a V8 Supercar.
  • When an application is received by the CAMS National office (only the national office will deal with this category) to transfer the classification from V8 Supercar to V8 Touring Car, and when the history of the car has been verified, the V8 Supercar log book will be replaced with a new V8 Touring Car logbook.
  • The safety cage regulations for V8 Touring Cars will refer directly to the V8 Supercar safety cage

Regulations that were in force when the safety cage was originally certified for the V8 Supercar.

The above process allows any ex-V8 Supercar that was homologated with a fitted diagonal

windscreen reinforcement bar (as a V8 Supercar) to retain this member.

Note: It is the responsibility of each Competitor/car owner to organise a new logbook with CAMS.


At the first round of the Series for each automobile, a maximum of eight (8) dry tyres, of which eight (8) may be new, shall be allowed for each automobile for all qualifying and races. These tyres shall be marked prior to qualifying.

A single driver may change to an alternative car, but can only receive the benefit of 8 new tyres once during the current series.

At each remaining round a maximum of eight (8) dry tyres can be used for all qualifying and races of which only six (6) may be new tyres. Each remaining tyre for qualifying and races must be previously marked tyres.
There are no restrictions on the number of wet tyres.
Tyres must be marked before the first qualifying session of a particular round. The Kumho V8 Series Scrutineer will be considered a Judge of Fact in respect to any decisions on tyres.

Tyre Costs:

Kumho 280/680R17 S700 (Slick) - $490 + GST per tyre.

Kumho 280/680R17 W700 (Wet) - $490 + GST per tyre.

The authorised Australian representative for Khumo Motorsport will provide the services listed below,

free of charge to registered Kumho Super 3 Series competitors;

  • The provision and maintenance of a network of authorised KUMHO Motorsport Tyre Distributors, from

whom all control tyre purchases will be made during normal business hours, at events or by other

direct Distributor-Competitor arrangements.

  • Stripping and fitting of tyres, and the balancing of wheels, at all race meetings within Australia whether

it be a National Series or special event.

  • Stripping and fitting of tyres, and the balancing of wheels, at other times by arrangement with the

nominated Kumho Motorsport Distributor.

  • The disposal of old tyres on a one for one basis when new tyres are purchased.
  • Technical advice to all competitors regarding chassis set-up data and tyre management.


Competitors must only use fuel that is provided by the official control fuel supplier (Race Fuels), which is available for purchase at each round.

Please note: With the exception of ambient atmospheric air and the specified fuel detailed, no other substance may be added to the intake charge of the engine.

Engine Sealing

Each engine, and the MoTeC engine electronic control unit (ECU), must be sealed prior to the commencement of any qualifying session or race. The only seals recognized for this purpose shall be Kumho Super3 Series Seals as fitted by approved Kumho Super3 Series sealers. This shall not prevent the addition of seals by event officials for judicial or scrutiny purposes.


A control MoTeC Kumho Super3 Series ECU must be fitted.

The ECU has the following features:

  • Conforms to original wiring system as fitted to V8 Supercars / Development Series V8 Supercars.
  • Has a fixed rev limit set to 7500 RPM
  • ECU mapping cannot be adjusted while the engine is running.
  • ECU software includes a test program to check that the ECU conforms to V8 Touring Car


  • Technical Representatives/Scrutineers have software to perform a detailed check on the ECU and record the results.
  • The ECU has data logging with a fixed logging setup and cyclic memory (512 Kb). The logged data can be downloaded by teams and officials but cannot be erased.
  • A MoTeC PCI Cable is required to connect a PC to the ECU for communications and configuration.

Race Management Radio

It is mandatory to have at least one radio tuned to the exclusive Kumho Super3 Race Management channel.

The frequency is: 471.700 mHz  71.9 Hz

This is a LISTEN ONLY channel so that Kumho Super3 management can pass messages to team managers/crew chief when required (especially during races).

MoTeC Beacon: 996

A Kumho V8 Series MoTeC lap counting beacon is placed at the start/finish line. The frequency is 996. The Kumho V8 Series beacon is positioned closest to the start/finish line and no other beacons/stands may be placed within 3 metres of this ‘official’ beacon.


At all circuits the series visits the noise limit it a maximum of 95db. Please note that at Sandown Raceway and the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit the noise limit is heavily enforced.

Car Numbers

New competitors need to apply to Series management for a car number.

If a number is are not used in Kumho V8 Series competition for one year it may be re-allocated.

Series Decals

Each car competing in the 2020 Kumho V8 Series is required to place the Series Decals on the car in the positions outlined in the diagram below. Each new entrant to the Series will be supplied with decals.