3 April 2012 | General


Competitors will be encouraged to present their cars in original liveries as carried by their car’s original driver/team with older model Commodores (VP VR VS VT VX) and Falcons (EB EF EL AU) all eligible.

The current generation of cars eligible for the Kumho Series the Falcon BA and Commodore VY/VZ will not be eligible for the Wakefield Park event.

Cars will not be required to run completely to the V8 Touring Car rulebook with special dispensation available to those that perhaps do not quite meet the category regulations.

Kumho Series Commercial Manager Rob Curkpatrick says the event is meant to be fun with a semi-historic flavour.

“Some of the older model cars that are simply not now competitive in the Kumho Series and this gives their owners somewhere to run them with vigour” he says.

“We also know there are quite a few cars around the country that have been restored to their original colour schemes but they don’t have anywhere to run apart from private practice days.

“This ‘Heritage Round’ gives them the perfect place to bring them out have a run at speed on the track and enjoy their cars giving the fans a chance to relive some V8 Supercar memories.

“There is enough history over 20 cars of the five-litre formula that many of the older cars are being restored and revived. We’d love to get as many of them involved as possible.”

Series organisers are open to the concept of sharing the Heritage Round between different circuits in future years to allow car owners in different states a chance to show off their V8 Supercar ‘pride and joy’.

“The growing Kumho Series will host a non-championship heritage-themed round for older ex-V8 Supercars dating back to 1993. Here the field charges through turn one at Barbagallo in that same year in cars that will be eligible for the Wakefield Park event.