16 November 2014 | General


ANDREW MIEDECKE and John Bowe have staged a battle for the ages to decide the final round of the ENZED Touring Car Masters series for 2014.

After Bowe won race one on Saturday Miedecke returned serve to win two compelling races on Sunday and take the final round of the year in the Lubrimaxx Chevrolet Camaro.

Meanwhile John Bowe (ProMaster) Mark King (ProAm) and Chris Stilwell (ProSports) each sealed their respective class titles in the final round.

Old rivals Miedecke and Bowe battled for the victory in each of the two 10-lap races on Sunday with the Camaro driver prevailing in each – both times after the pair raced side by side for the lead.

Miedecke won race two from seventh on the grid – with Bowe charging from ninth to second – while the final race saw the pair lead the way from the front row and battle all the way.

Bowe grabbed the lead early before Miedecke wrestled his way past – Charger driver Greg Crick buying into the battle and briefly holding second before Bowe re-passed and secured second – going on to close on the leader once again.

The pair ran side-by-side on the final lap but Miedecke did enough to hold on and win the race and the final round of the season.

“The races were full on from start to finish today. I think I had a bit of a handling advantage and that helped me. John has a little bit of a straight line advantage but I could come off the corner probably five or 10 km/hr faster and that made a difference†said a pleased winner.

“The car hung in there very well but it was just nice to race against John like that.

“We’ve been racing each other for 30 years starting in Ralts in the early 80s and it was hammer-and-tong then and the racing is just as clean and just as hard as it was then.

“I know he was trying his best and I certainly was too – but it was hard and fair.â€Â

Bowe clinched the ProMaster class title with a storming drive from ninth to second in race two of three adding to his 2011 and 2012 TCM titles with a third class win this year.

“For me it’s not about titles and things really but we’ve had a pretty good year in terms of results and the car has been terrific†Bowe said.

“I think it’s probably fitting for all the people involved; Steve Makarios and Brendon who do all the work on the car and all the people who support me – sponsors supporters and fans – I think it’s appropriate. So while I don’t worry about titles and things it reflects how our year was it was a very good year.â€Â

Bowe said he hoped to continue his ongoing battles with a long-time rival – in Touring Car Masters and other categories.

“I have to say I feel a bit and feel sorry for Jim Richards. He’s like me in that the title thing doesn’t really worry him one way or the other but he’s such a good competitor†Bowe said.

“He’s been strong for years and when you beat Jim Richards you know you’ve beaten someone special. I feel for him but He’ll be back next year and have his Javelin and hopefully we can raise the support and keep going to race him.â€Â

Behind Miedecke and Bowe Tony Karanfilovski finished race two on the podium – holding out Greg Crick in a close battle for the final spot in the top three.

Keith Kassulke Bill Pye Mark King Cameron Mason Les Walmsley and Cameron Tilley completed the top ten.

Kassulke King Karanfilovski Gomersall Mason Pye and Stilwell completed the top-10 in the third race behind Miedecke Bowe and Crick.

The three ENZED Touring Car Masters class winners will be crowned at the TCM end of season presentation on Phillip Island on Sunday evening.

The series acknowledges the ongoing support of major sponsors ENZED Rare Spares and Shannons Insurance for their support of the series in 2014.

ROUND RESULTS: TCM Shannons Southern 90 – Phillip Island.

Pro Sports:

1. Chris Stilwell 168
2. William Vining 160
3. Cameron Mason 120


1. Mark King 172
2. Tony Karanfilovski 168
3. Bill Pye 149


1. Andrew Miedecke 172
2. John Bowe 172
3. Greg Crick 160


ProSports; Chris Stillwell / Sven Burchartz (Ford Mustang)
ProAm: Mark King (Chevrolet Camaro)
ProMaster: John Bowe (Ford Mustang)