17 August 2022 | General

V8 Touring Cars Series to return in 2023

THE V8 Touring Cars National Series will return as a stand-alone category in 2023. 

The series, to run in addition to the Dunlop Super3 Series, will return following confirmation of the Supercars’ commission decision regarding eligibility for the 2023 Dunlop Super2 Series.

That will see the Car of the Future models from Holden, Ford, Nissan, Mercedes and Volvo become eligible for Dunlop Super3 competition for the first time, alongside the existing Project Blueprint-specification VEII Holden Commodore and FG Ford Falcon.

Super3 will continue to race on a combined grid with Dunlop Super2 in 2023.

The reborn V8 Touring Cars Series will remain exclusively for pre-COTF Supercars up to and including the FG Falcon and VE II Commodore.

The series’ will run a stand-alone calendar, will retain its Motorsport Australia Series status and continue to award Superlicense points.

News regarding calendar placement, tyre regulations and supplier and race formats will be announced in due course.

Australian Racing Group (ARG) will continue to work with Supercars to manage the Super3 Series, while also managing the V8 Touring Cars Series in 2023.

Category Manager – Super3 / V8 Touring Cars

“We have been well into the planning to re-establish the V8 Touring Cars Series as a stand-alone entity for some time,” Curkpatrick said.

“This announcement offers competitors with pre-Car of the Future Supercars the best of both worlds: They can compete in Super3 competition alongside the Super2 cars, and they can also race among cars of a similar specification in a stand-alone category.

“This is essentially the return of the series’ that grew and evolved into what became Super3 in 2019.

“V8 Touring Cars will have its own calendar, race formats and broadcast package, offering a great place for both young drivers progressing up the ladder or those who just enjoy racing these sensational cars.”